About us

Solution1 is a team of dedicated skilled individuals working with a single minded focus of delivering the best in the industry.

Projects completed and those underway are a clear pointer to the stringent quality maintained by us with firm control on costs and always within stipulated timelines.

Our core strength will remain turnkey interior contracting for which our qualified engineers are backed with skilled teams o f Worked and a further backup of experienced support staff.

We have executed with impeccable quality the designs of globally acclaimed architects and design houses besides leading Indian architects with pathbreaking vision.

Your Imagination weimpact

Welcome to another chapter in the history of Solution1

When we set on this journey, I did not anticipate the scale to which my associates and myself would have raised our company to. It’s been 10 glorious years and it’s a good feeling to look back and realise the path my brother Santosh and I walked on were correct. We believed in…

  • Our philosophy
  • Our integrity
  • Our timeliness
  • Our Commitment
  • Our Quality

Being a first generation entrepreneur, I see no boundary ahead. All our strengths are eagerly sought after. Our choice of people has been exemplary. I proudly state that the commitment and ideas from my personnel have gone great lengths to support the vision of our clients. We have introduced innovations that have set the industry paradigms.

So you can rest assured that whilst partnering with Solution1, the results will be totally satisfying. Our handshake will be one of trust. The experience of working with us will be unlike anywhere else.

Solution1 is poised for an exciting, fascinating future. I see great infrastructure growth ahead with innovative technological advancements. It is a future sight that promises to be magnificent.

Come, let us walk this path together.

10 Glorious years

it give us immense satisfaction to be part of and to have contributed to these prestigious projects for which we are grateful to our clients and the architectural firms that had faith in our capabilities.

Our own self belief and single minded focus and dedication of all our personnel - be it management or down- the-line worker has translated the dreams of our clients into reality.

we continue to maintain our vision which is to give superior finish with functional comfort at affordable price-points with realistic time-lines.

Our commitment to consstantly upgrade our shop fillr and work environment to follow globally recognised practises has give us the edge which allows us to maintain traditional indian workmanship with an international flavour thus setting new paradigms within the industry